Jun 232012

We are practically dead but downloads will be there for the time being. Have a nice day, whoever’ reading this, and thanks for all the fish 0/

Jan 192012


I’ll cut straight to the point. We’re living up to our name to the fullest right now primarily because we’re in dire need of new staff, particularly a proofreader, because it’s the only work I can’t do myself (being the translator). Editors and typesetters are welcome too because I prefer to work mostly on translating. Everyone is welcome to apply on our IRC channel (talk to the ops) or in the comments. I’ll give you access to the dropbox folder where we keep our work in progress.
Regarding current status, Arakawa volume 9 is translated up to the end (20 chapters ahead), we have several pages cleaned, enough for one or two releases. Those chapters will come out in the next few days since I decided to deal with typesetting myself ASAP.

Nov 052011

Finally it’s done. Thanks to everyone who helped us do this project up to the end, and thanks to the readers who have been patient enough to wait for our slow updates! I hope you enjoyed the ride as much as we did!

Here is the last pack of chapters:

And the batch for the whole volume:
Volume 9